Infographic booklets are fun

When you get to be somewhat artsy…

I’ve always been a fan of infographics, but wary of the abundance of inaccurate information that often litter them. Despite that, though, the idea of presenting information in a fun, organized way that catches people’s attention has always appealed to me. When I considered which informatics specialization to focus on in college, I was really interested in Interaction Design and UX. I didn’t think my artistic ability was my strong suit, so I never followed through with it.

I had the opportunity to exercise my creativity muscle recently, when the graduate student officers of the Department of Plant Biology at UGA (including myself) thought a fun, informative booklet would be a great idea to pass out to possible graduate student recruits. Somehow this task was passed on to me, probably because my officer title is Secretary, but I took on the project with much gusto. It’s not perfect, but for an amateur work I’m pretty proud of myself!

To view the booklet, click here.

Happy coding!